Welcome to the ASAP Exemplars. This project is a cooperative one involving 12-22 district school boards in Ontario and the The York/Seneca Institute for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education (YSIMSTE).

For administrators, the purpose of exemplars in science and technology is to:

  • encourage and facilitate teacher collaboration regarding curriculum planning, levels of achievement, and assessment
  • provide training to ensure that teachers understand the role of exemplars in assessment, evaluation and reporting
  • establish an external reference point for schools in planning student programs for school improvement
  • facilitate sessions for parents and school councils using this resource as a basis for discussion of curriculum planning, levels of achievement, and standards

Before looking at the exemplars for the first time, it is essential to review the FEATURES of the ASAP Exemplars. It might also be useful to review the BACKGROUND to the ASAP Exemplars, which describes the overall project and how the exemplars were obtained and selected. When you are ready to access the exemplars themselves, return to the EXEMPLARS HOME PAGE.


The Assessment of Science and Technology Achievement Project is a project of the York/Seneca Institute for Science, Technology and Education.
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